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Traditional Blanket 100% Wool model Pastor

The traditional blanket is handmade with pure Churras mondegueiras sheep there.
Each piece is unique and exclusive.
Model Pastor made with white and brown wool
Measures: 1.80 x 2.20 m
Weight: approximately 3500 grams


Out of stock

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The history of the traditional production of the traditional PAPA blanket in the cold lands of the Serra da Estrela is lost in time.

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Handcrafted with selected wool from barbecued sheep, this comfortable and warm piece, increasingly rare, is woven on a manual wooden loom for hours, to then be finalized in the “pisão” where, with water, are stronger and thicker.

After being carded to gain their typical hairy appearance, the process is concluded with the hanging of the blankets in the “rambolas”, where they dry outdoors, and acquire their definitive aspect.

Produced in the “Pastor” models, with white and brown wool, or “coloured”, or light without hair, this artisan piece with the measures of 1,80 cm x 2,30 cm, of which we guarantee the authenticity, can already be ordered.

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Multifunctional blankets used on the bed, sofa, as a complement to decoration or accessory for personal use.

Create your environment!

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READINESS: 2,20×1,80m)



MPS 1 (1,90x1,40m)

Manta Pastor pequena

Manta de Pastor Grande

2,40mx1,95m= 95€





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